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To know Andrew Garbus is to know that he has been behind a camera for almost his entire life, beginning by making videos with his parent’s then state of the art VHS camera. Throughout his childhood he gravitated to movie theaters and was moved and influenced by his experiences there. He directed his first film at the age of 15 and hasn’t looked back since. He studied film at the University of Texas at Austin and has worked in post-production for films that have played at festivals such as SXSW (Brewmaster) and Tribeca (The Sensitives).


His own projects have screened at festivals across the country. His narrative short film A Song For Danny screened at NewFilmmaker’s New York 2016 and Dallas VideoFest 29. His previous documentary, the short film SOL screened at Dallas VideoFest 27, IndieFest USA 2014, The Mosaic Film Experience, and New Filmmaker’s New York 2015. Theater Jone’s Magazine called SOL “The most poignant and powerful eight-minute film I’ve ever seen.” Lost and Found, is his first feature film. You can learn more about Andrew by visiting his website here.

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Isaiah Rendon has been a cinematographer for music video, commercial, and narrative film projects. Isaiah has worked with image capture formats including digital, traditional film, and stereoscopic 3D. He has been nominated for best cinematography awards for his work on Barrow and The Back Up Plan.
Isaiah graduated film school from The University of Texas at Austin where he received a Bachelors of Science as well as a nomination for the American Society of Cinematographers Heritage award in 2016. You can learn more about Isaiah by clicking here.

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Sean fell in love with cinema at the age of five after watching Dracula (1931). He attended Purchase College and graduated with a BA in Cinema Studies. He has shot and edited numerous music videos, commercials, shorts, and feature films. Most recently Sean worked as a witness reference camera operator on Ang Lee’s Gemini Man. Sean is also very well versed in film studies and theory. He takes this knowledge and applies it to everything he works on. Lost and Found is of no exception.

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Zachry Karisch grew up in rural La Grange, Texas. He received his bachelors of arts degree at Baylor university in film and digital media with a minor in English. His early career in film production, as an audio technician, allowed him to gain experience working Texas independent filmmaking (Two Step, Brotherly Love) and documentaries around the world (Bricks in Motion, The Truth About Cancer). He currently lives in Austin Texas pursuing a Masters degree in film theory. After almost a decade working in independent filmmaking, Zachry still works in audio, but now focuses mainly on writing and content creation.




Kristina Motwani is an award-winning editor who is based in San Francisco. She edited for ITVS’s Independent Lens and AJ+’s Documentary team and is the editor of the films First Friday, Fruits of Labor, and The Most Fearless, and co- editor of the film Midnight Traveler. Kristina was also recently named one of DOCNYC's 40 Under 40. You can learn more about Kristina by visiting her website here.

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