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the film

The history of filmmaker Andrew Garbus’s family has largely been captured on video, whether it’s the home movies his parents made, or the short films he created growing up. After 30 years of marriage, Andrew’s mom and dad, decide it’s time to separate and leave the home they raised their family in. Andrew attempts to find closure amidst this ending of an era in their lives, by making one last home video, chronicling their final week together. What starts off as a film about a son seeking to better understand the reasons behind his parent’s separation and his family’s history, quickly transforms into a raw and difficult journey within. Andrew is confronted with his past traumas and how they impacted his family as a whole. While the family attempts to successfully move out, decades of pain and tension come to a climax. Andrew and his parents must confront their pasts in order to come together, not only to successfully move out of the house, but to find a semblance of peace and hope for the future.

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